Therapy respects your unique life experience and working together we can explore the thoughts, feelings and experiences that currently feel too difficult to manage alone.

I will support you by listening empathically, providing you with time to reflect and share your thoughts and feelings. Counselling will give you the chance to feel heard and supported to enable you to gain perspective to move forward.

Whilst the main approach to counselling adults choose is talking therapy, I am able to use creativity, arts, play, systemic or other approaches. These can be mixed to find the best way that works for you.

You may be able to resolve difficulties in a few sessions. Sometimes it can take longer, allowing sufficient time for us to build a level of trust, examine past experiences and improve how you currently think and feel.

Children & Adolescents

The counselling approach used will depend on a child’s age, situation and developmental stage. Whether talking, using creativity, arts or play, each and every therapy can be combined to find the right approach to meet your child’s needs to encourage them to express their feelings.

Counselling offers a safe environment for children to express their feelings whilst exploring and understanding what may have led them to feel or behave in a certain way.

It can help individuals cope with everyday worries, exam stress, grief and loss, self harm, relationships, anxiety and depression to name a few.

“It has really helped me coming to counselling because when I lost my mum I found it really hard to speak to people about it. Talking to someone helped improve my stress levels. Over the weeks of being with Siobhan I feel so good in myself, I now feel like me again and feel that a weight has been lifted off my shoulders” Year 8 pupil

“Every time I leave Siobhan’s soothing office, I am glowing with gratitude. I always remind myself of how lucky this world is to have such a wonderful person/ resource in our midst. I highly recommend her services to anyone who wants to find peace and joy in their relationship with self and others. ”


“Thank You, Siobhan. I really appreciate your gentle, grounded process which provided me with peace of mind, clarity and a new perspective on an issue that was troubling me. I was left with a feeling of energy and love. ”


Eat Well. Feel Better.

Staying healthy is not just exercise, it’s about food for the mind too.

Meat, fish, eggs, lentils and other sources of protein should be your culinary weapons of choice in beating the blues. Eat more oily fish, too. The brain needs Omega-3s, also found in nuts, to perform properly and people who don’t eat enough have been found to be more prone to depression.

Whole-grains are important – everything from oats to wholewheat bread are a great source of slow-release energy that will prevent your blood sugar taking a nosedive and leaving you feeling downhearted, cut out processed foods. People who eat fresh foods have much lower rates of depression.